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VR Conversational Learning


In VR conversational learning you interact with a high fidelity avatar in situations like sales, management or conflict resolution.

The immersive environment, emotional expression and direct feedback provide a highly effective learning experience.

Check-out this example:

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FIT Food


FIT Food is an online multiplayer card game. Have fun playing while learning about nutrition.


Get FIT Food for Windows on Steam.

Download the mobile version from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

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Food Decisions


FOOD DECISIONS is an educational platform for healthy nutrition. It enables teachers and nutritionists to practice with their groups.

Get the multiplayer version for Windows on Steam.

Download the mobile version from Google Play.

FIT Float


Why do some things float while others sink?

You can float & sink boats and load them with stuff to explore floating.

Download from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

FIT Finance


Explore how saving, paying back debt, earning more, and better investing will impact your personal finance.

Close your pension gap and retire earlier.

FIT Company

conceptual phase

Manage a company as CEO or Divisional Manager and explore the challenges of innovation, marketing and production.

Practice agile cooperation across functions and product divisions.


Compete in multiplayer mode for customers and financing.

If you are interested to participate in a pilot, please tell us:

FIT Company
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