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The game is a business simulation allowing one or multiple payers to cooperate and compete. Tasks will be to develop new products, to market and to sell those products, and to deliver them. Players will see the impact of their actions both in terms of customer's behavior and financial results.


In the multiplayer version, teams can cooperate running a company against other teams - their competition running another company.

The game allows adjusting the industry and products used as part of the game quite easily. This will improve the game's connection to the modeled company.

Use cases for companies

  • Attract candidates, i.e. graduates - by providing an in-depth view of a company's products.

  • Speed-up onboarding by providing a business simulation with realistic markets and products.

  • Select new recruits from the candidate pool or identify in-house talent in a business case setting.

  • Make in-house training more realistic by using your company's own products to improve collaboration and employee engagement.

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